July 15th 2012



  1. Having no one else present; on one’s own.
  2. Without others’ help or participation; single-handed.


lone – single – lonely – lonesome – sole – solitary

One of the many things that people often say is “Don’t be afraid to be alone! you’re strongest when you’re alone!” I get why people say that, but think about this


For any of us that have been in relationships, we know how hard it is. To maintain a relationship with someone, friendship, spouse, family. it isn’t easy. You have to take into consideration other people’s feelings when you talk, act, etc. To share your life with another is harder than most things,  almost all things. 

To be alone however..thats easy, the only person you have to consider is yourself, the only life that you could possibly effect through your actions is your own. Like I said, easy.

There is a difference between being alone, and being lonely. Loneliness is something that comes after losing a personal relationship, and herein is where my point lies.

There is no risk in choosing to be alone, but there is unlimited risk in pursuing friendships.

People who pursue relationships instead of choosing to stay alone are the strongest people because they don’t run from life,they accept that they can be hurt and take that risk in the hope that someone will show  them new perspectives, change their life, make them happy.

Life is about taking chances, if you sit by solitary, always playing it safe, while you may not get hurt, you also miss out on the opportunity to love and be loved, to cherish and be cherished. To live…don’t run from life..

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