Gods grace

Did you ever wonder if you would die if you touched god’s grace?

You may simply efface at the astonishment and fulfillment of his enveloping grace

Never understanding in your confusion as you turn up to the skies

Screaming why to the father as he stands quietly nearby?

Have you ever seen, the way the ignorant talk to the strange?

The people they’re new to

The god with cloaks of change

Walking up boldly in man, rock and air alike

As god brings you glory you simply analyze your plight

Did you ever imagine if your dreams may come true

Would you live on?

Would you grasp it?

Or would the complicated times of your past as you searched through the dimes finding ash where you passed with the fiery hate

As it gassed your fate into the explosive extraordinary plate of

dwell house dooming gates.

Allow a seconds breathe as you remember your face for Gods seems so likely

Just what you felt


How magical’how adventurous ‘ how can this be true?

It seems impossible for times to rasterfuge

A bomb made of your feelings

What will you do when its coming?

When Christ brings you your gift?

Will you feel it?

Will you know it?

Or will you turn your face to the heavens and smile with glee

As your soul alights on a cloud never knowing that life contained thee.

R.I.P to the souls who alighted with plights,

for they rejoice in the heavens that are life,

Purest life!

Amen and R.I.P. to all souls who have passed In the recent tragedies all over Mother Earth, may God bring peace to his People. Amen.

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