There’s been a poem stuck in my head literally all day

One that I have no words for, only feeling.

How do you get rid of a feeling that you can’t describe?

Where does a poet hide when they can’t confide that which plagues them?

A raging boiling pitfall of confusion


And refusal to succumb to the idea of freedom

A cold dark section of life has to be lit by the slight flitting flame inside me, but

What if without that shadowy corner, the light forgot to exist

And we become so entrapped in a feeling of bliss that we miss and reminisce on that which we kissed away with the flying of a new day inside

I choose to live and let go of the fear beyond the oaken doors of servitude that creates the person that is surely true to be you.

It’s that aching in your throat,at times settles in the pit of your stomach

Filled with disease and hope

Let me choke on delusions of grandeur for everything is as it will always be.

So what’s next?


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