Healing Services



“Laying of hands” and energy healing has been around for as long as holistic healing has. Reiki is one modality of energy healing that I have been attuned to and graced with the opportunity to share with you. You are already healed, allow me to show you.

Reiki-In person$85
price per person

Guided Meditation

Meditation is the act of no longer engaging with the mind and the world, and instead finding the peace within the gaps. Allow me to guide you past the confusion to the peace that is always there.

price per person

Dance Fitness

I started dancing when I was a child, moved into teaching dance classes in high school, and training Zumba students in college. I studied dance in college and am a choreographer as well. Dance is my favorite workout style, as you can get an extremely effective session, while having a ton of fun!

Individual class35
Group Class 15+30
Group Class 30+25
Group Class 45+20
Group Class 75+15
price per person